We have a dedicated and professional VFX team which helps to bring anything in real and thereby providing world-class VFX solution to both domestic and international level. We have outstanding expertise which helps in delivering complex VFX projects. Other related services like pre-visualization, matte painting, concept design, 3D animation, on-set supervision, compositing and other television projects, etc help in developing your videos with international level of visual effects.

  • Video Production

    We are having rich experience of more than a decade in video production thereby making us unique force which is globally recognized and accepted. We are an end to end so

  • Compositing

    We are worldwide recognized visual storyteller who helps in creating engaging, appealing visual content for commercials, corporate, endeavors and entertainment. Our comp

  • Seamless live and CG integration

    At C-Design, we intricate CGI simulations to create abstract or real and desired visual effects like fire, smoke, water, etc. In the arena of visual effects, the main so

  • Chroma keying

    At C- Design, our work culture is contributing to creativity and we always strive to create encouraging a working environment for our artist in order to prosper. We are

  • Rotoscopy

    Rotoscopy as the term describes physical animation services which allow humans to trace drawings frame by frame. Nowadays as per modern animation, such physical animatio

  • Camera & Object tracking

    This system makes it possible to track your objects in the camera view in real time based on an algorithm which uses shapes, color and motion of the objects.

  • CGI Matte Painting

    CGI Matte Painting is all about taking our clients to a place where they can never imagine like unexplored landscape or inaccessible places which turns out to be unattai

  • CGI environments

    Nowadays the trend of 3D animation, VFX and CGI are increasing at a faster rate because of the availability of internet access at cheaper rates and higher penetration of