The latest 3D technology plays important role in the healthcare industry as it helps in creating better-enhanced images of body parts and the overall system. Thus it helps in identifying and diagnosing certain medical problems more quickly and effectively. This technology is highly useful for better surgical planning, better diagnosis and thereby also becomes a better mode of communication with families. Also, 3D printing technology is considered a boon and has also drastically changed the entire healthcare industry. The major benefits include rapid prototyping of new machines and devices, highly crucial in 3D printed organ, Bioprinting, and Tissue Engineering, and the making of patient-specific surgical models. Nowadays dentists have started adopting and gaining benefits of 3D printing with its various applications like the 3D CAD program makes it possible to X-ray damaged teeth.3D modeling helps to visualize the human body like model organs, the plastic skeleton can create artificial organs and medical devices also help to create new equipment designs like forceps and scalpel, etc. In a nutshell, 3D modeling helps to improve the medical sciences and healthcare industry significantly and effectively by creating an interactive representation of anatomy.