In today’s time, 3D technology plays an exclusive role in the real estate industry and has created revolutionary changes in it. This technology helps in selling resources and thereby helps in creating immersive information and imagery in both the selling and renting processes. Nowadays many real estate agencies and realtors are adopting new technologies because of their various benefits like affordability, efficiency, and ease of use. Instead of physically visiting any particular place/location which turns out to be more costly and time-consuming, virtual tours help property managers and estate realtors in understanding dimensional view and detailing of any spaces. These virtual tours make an easy decision for potential buyers before their actual buying process and help in making the sales process more effective and efficient. And thereby makes a win-win situation for both customers and market professionals. Using the latest technologies like 3D Rendering and 3D modeling software, realtors can have realistic images of buildings, skyscrapers and visualize their future homes.