3D Animation: setting trends for differentiation

Posted on : Dec 23, 2019

3D Animation or animation industry as a whole is been looked upon as more than a child’s engagement on television now a days. We have been retained by many of our leading global clients under outsource creative services and outsource animation services to work on product and concept animation. Today 3D Animation has turned out to be one of the primary mass communication tools for not only leading advertising agencies but also many brands in B2B segment that prefers this as the sales tool for product demonstration or to attract investment by circulating the same as product concept.

We are seeing a trending shift in most of the product categories indifferent of B2B or B2C segment, the way products or services are been marketed today. Most of the Brand managers or even advertising agencies are today making use of engaging and concept based animation videos to present a particular service or product; in fact there had been a shift at the strategic level where marketers are including product 3D animation videos as one of the primary promotion tools. While working with number of leading marketers one insight we are able to gauge is 3D animation can’t be replaced with any of the other marketing collateral as the level of engagement and appeal 3D animation provides can’t be replaced by any other collateral.

With increasing pie share of 3D Animation amongst all the marketing spends, today most of the businesses has included 3D Animation as the top of the line marketing collateral for most of the product lines. Some of the industries where 3D Animation has gained popularity are interior design, architecture & infrastructure, transportation, medical technology, gaming and many more.