Posted on : Jul 26, 2021

In today’s time, Green architecture is considered as the buzzword which is helping architects in working closely with growing firms. Today’s companies have started adopting BIM technology which helps in gaining higher standards in performances and becoming a more energy-efficient source. In order to evaluate the future performance of the current buildings, it is essential to perform an energy analysis of the proposed building. Thus it helps in creating energy-efficient analytical models that help in adjusting/altering the design and components of the structure so as to achieve the desired objective.


AT C-DESIGN, we help to stimulate energy analytical models which help in examining the energy requirements of the building structures. It also helps in minimizing the dependence of the building on artificial sources and works towards using maximum utilization of natural sources like air, wind, sunlight etc. Thus such energy analysis models help in evaluating the behavioural patterns of inhabitants, their habits and ways to educate them so as to make a more effective building structure. Below mentioned points help in developing a model:-


  1. A) Essential Building elements-In order to create effective energy analytical models, it becomes necessary to consider the design and its components.
  2. B) Information related to building parts-Other critical parts like the floor, foundation, walls, roofs etc also play an important role in forming energy analytical models relating to the latest effective technology and proper measures. Also other related information like materials, climate, topography etc helps in estimating the future performance of the building structure.