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Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Lets we have discussed about capturing 3d data from 3d printing.
Two of our Solid Works experts from Outsource 3d printing technical support group did an attractive and quite economical research. 3d experts Viju and Praveen captured 3D data from the real world with a free app from their iPhone.

several recommendations if you desire to capture 3D data using your iPhone:

· circumvent polished or obvious models.
· acquire as several pictures as potential it will afford more facts and precision to your model.
· Try to use a situation background (i.e. a quadrangle pattern or a chess board).
· obtain the pictures from different angles.
· circumvent models with holes or area tricky to reach by the camera.

123D Catch use your iPhone as a basic 3D scanner. By pleasing several pictures of an object and interpolating the colour in turn it can create a reasonably adequate 3D model. You send abroad the model as an STL file and followed by the Stratus’s/Objet printer do its job.