Creative Designers Should Stay Cool

Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

In the hectic work environment when there is shortage of deadline given, it becomes very difficult for creative directors and designers to stay cool. Especially whenever there are multiple clients, to deal with them along with handling big team is quite Hercules task
1.ALWAYS STAY POSITIVE: No matter what your current situation is, lie impending projects deadlines, long working hours or constant criticism or managing team would become harder, always believe in communication as it is. Always keep communication channels open. Web designers need to understand what the client is looking for in layout mock up (navigation, page elements, colour scheme).Whenever you feel that what you are communicating or what is communicated to you is misunderstood then don’t sit quiet and feel panic about it. Simply speak to someone else instead struggling about it.

  1. ALWAYS WOR IN HAND TO HAND WITH CLIENTS: Never have a feeling that clients are our enemy as just like you , full team works with them and everyone is in same boat and same type of responsibility. Don’t think that all pressure falls only on your shoulders. Also be open to changes what are suggested by clients, Most designers make such mistake of limiting the changes that are decided in first meeting. Let the new ideas flow until final result about design work gets decided. Try to keep a schedule of constant contact to keep them in loop.
  2. ACCEPTING REJECTIONS: Rejection should never feel you feel incompetent or you shouldn’t be stopping about pitching new ideas. Clients always have strict final image in their mind as what they need which sometimes don’t match your ideas which doesn’t mean that your ideas are bad.
  3. KEEP TRAC OF ALL DETAILS BY WRITING THEM: Always keep a habit of writing down list of all project ideas and changes over project timeline. You can always get back and refer them to clear out your understanding about client needs. That’s professional way of dealing with client or multiple clients
  4. AT THE END OF THE DAY ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS: Designer should remember never get over involved in one particular design or it will lead to delays in completing smaller projects .It’s not necessary that in every projects you get time to show off your excited new ideas or sketching talents, need to do what client suggests and move forward

06.STAY ON THE GROUNDS: Understand your worth and now how much your time will cost. Selling yourself too short will be never be fruitful as it may leads to regrets about it after 1-2 weeks, which can be wastage of time for both the parties. Stay comfortable, courteous, frank and hold mutual respect with them as that can lead to repeat project work in future