Experiment With These Innovative Logo Trends For Your Brands

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Following are the latest logo trends which are used nowadays by the corporate to increase their brand awareness and engagement level.

Use of Negative Spaces-Negative spaces plays important role in design world as it gives designers liberty to opt for alternative color in their graphics so as to draw dual images and representation of the product into it. Even many times such type of logo design includes double meaning into it. Generally, below-mentioned points are included in it:-

1) Go mostly for black and white contrast logos

2) Use plenty of spaces and even white spaces around it

3) Use words to communicate your message. Also, try to use a photo with letter format

4) Make it nominal and use orderly cut out.

Go for Novelty Lettering-Novelty lettering even if looks simple but requires lots of factors to be taken into consideration like

1) Select that typeface which looks good with words

2) Adjust line spacing and kerning.

3) Pair it with image

4) Novelty lettering looks iconic in today’s generation where corporate are creating logos with words so that it stands out and look different from others.

5) Even special characters can be included in it like glyphs or swashes. Tilt, shift, stack are different ways in which one can play with it.

Use of Geometry shapes- There exit lots of importance of geometrical shapes in reference to your project work. The weight of the strokes and sharpness of lines carries lots of information to their users because shapes are ultimate weapons which describe the overall brand in a nutshell. That’s why it’s quite essential to select geometry shapes consciously for your logo design. Below mentioned are certain shapes which represent by itself:-

1) Circle-As they are considered as never-ending or having an indefinite beginning, circles plays an important aspect in our logo design. They represent wholeness and implies a movement. Also are connected to energy, love, and power

2) Rectangles and Square- Triangles and square are those shapes which have sharp edges and are considered as more stable and trustworthy with a little higher masculine feel. They create a sense of traditional values and equality

3) Triangles-They represent movement and related to cultural and social norms of stability and strength. When such shapes rest on the solid base it represents energy, positivist, and stability.

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