Posted on : Aug 24, 2020

At C-DESIGN, 2D TO 3D CAD Conversion is considered as a most powerful tool will elevate your 3D modeling and 2D drafting projects for 3D model delivery, reliability test, 3D printing, computer simulation, etc. Since the last 3 decades, 2D CAD has been used extensively for manual drafting where solid objects are represented in 2 dimensions. Nowadays 3 Dimensional representations started gaining importance in the documentation and designing process through CAD Softwares.

The process of digitally transforming product design from 2D to 3D CAD helps in improving your business, generates product improvement, develops design accuracy, impacts cost estimation, produces sales and marketing materials, etc. Other detailed reasons are mentioned below:-

A) Visualization-This is the most common reason because a 2D drawing is considered as a best tool for the design production by the technical person. Comparatively, 3D drawings is another best option if same objects are needed for presentation to any non-technical person

B) Detailing- Furniture requires fine detailing which can be easily represented by 3D models

C) Parametric Modeling- Due to the evolving AEC industry, BIM/Parametric modeling is considered as more important for clash detection, coordination of services, and building construction management through BIM Modeling.

Below mentioned are few principles methods which help in changing from 2D to 3D conversion:-

A) Import Method-Programme popularly known as Autodesk Inventor helps in applying intelligence to 2D models so as to create 3D models out of it.

B) Extrusion-This is AutoCAD command where 2dimensional objects are extruded into basic 3D shapes using 3D commands

At C-DESIGN, we offer different 2D to 3D CAD services like AutoCAD conversion, PDF and paper to CAD conversion, etc as per our client’s requirements like for Prototyping, Product Design, Com+ puter Modeling, Stress Testing,3D Printing