Importance of augmented reality in the furniture industry

Posted on : Jul 08, 2019

Augmented Reality

Nowadays there is a trend of online purchases where different varieties of products get displayed gaining e-commerce traction. Earlier it was limited to books and music but now even electronics items are gaining a foothold in the online market. In past users are more accustomed to a physical store where they can try different clothes but now with the offering of free shipping and returns policy, the online market is reaching at a higher level. But now it’s furniture times to outshine with different marketing tactics where the user can get a real feel about how furniture will be virtually placed in the room.

With the help of augmented reality, virtual animated elements get superimposed on the real world environment using smart mobile phones. Digital data like videos, images, and sounds get augmented in the live atmosphere. There are 2 types of AR apps:-

Location-based app –Uses GPRS to track nearby offices, or to search for different directions

Marker-based app –Using a camera phone, image recognition takes place where the image will be scanned (marker) and then adds a virtual image on such smartphones.

Augmented reality applications are used in different fields like entertainment, retail, games, medicines, and cosmetics.

Benefits of augmented reality to the corporates are as follows:-

1)            To surprise and entertain customers

2)            To become more competitive in today’s market scenario

3)            To personalize shopping experiences

4)            Majorly to retain and engage potential customers

And for customers following are major benefits:-

1)            Products can be searched distantly

2)            Purchasing decision is based on detailed information about the products or services

3)            New brands or new ways of shopping can be explored

4)            More fun elements can be added in the buying process

For those who are dealing in furniture retail business, new technology is known as ‘try before your purchase’ seems to be an important feature for customers. Because of this futuristic technology, AR application proves to be an important factor in order to increase sales. For e.g. GAP stores have opened up augmented reality-based dressing rooms for getting higher conversion rate and better website traffic in their final result.

Following are the ways in which augmented reality helps in expanding businesses:-

Majorly have youths in their customer’s list-Augmented reality which is a trending field in today’s time has been considered as one of the strong advertisement options. It’s unlike virtual reality which requires additional tools but augmented reality is majorly available for smart mobile owners.

Marketing opportunities increases-Through AR application, new market opportunities open up like presenting new products or services, offers product specifications to promote your brand, even can offer helpful 3d experiences to their customers to attract them.

Showcasing-Through AR, products can be easily showcased and interacts well with AR tools. For e.g. Because of AR, one can find out about how bed will be positioned in the room with the help of AR.

No more risk- AR makes it possible to have negligible 0% risk in terms of product return policy and logistics expenses will be almost minimized

At C-Design we always make sure to understand client’s requirements properly and then offer the best possible competitive augmented reality model by using the latest tools and technologies. Our clients always have crystal clear communication with us and we make sure to have proper coordination with them at every developmental phase. Our proficient designers are well qualified and proficient in their fields and possess necessary tools & techniques to design live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by system-generated sensors.