Information about BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Posted on : Jul 15, 2019


BIM means building information modelling which explains about 3d information based process that gives architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry expert’s essential tools and information so as to construct, plan and design buildings and infrastructure more effectively and efficiently. Collaboration is one of the tough matters in multi-vendor projects in design and construction environment. And with the implementation of BIM technology, swift design implementation takes place which helps teams in abridging information between contractors, engineers, design team and architects.

At C-Design we make sure to analyse each phase of creating and managing building infrastructure projects in a more strategic way which makes it reliable, faster and economic. We provide BIM services to a wide range of clients even consisting of engineers, contractors, building owner, technicians, architects, etc. Right from the life cycle of building projects, we provide structural BIM, architectural BIM and MEP BIM services to different phases of construction stages. We offer a customer-centric approach towards different aspects like construction management, cost management, project management, facility management in order to provide better information channel between them.

BIM optimizes workflow and company process in these ways:-

1)            MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing)-Helps to improve MEP design quality and works in collaboration which supports real-time project delivery procedure.


•             Increase productivity

•             Extend design to fabrication

•             Increase design quality

•             Expand collaboration

2)            Structures-Helps in finding how structural designs and software detailing helps in winning new business  and projects

•             Minimising errors

•             Develops structural quality

•             Designs get connected to detailing

•             Better and effective collaboration

3)            Architecture-Improves product life cycle, building performances, and better decisions and also collaborate more efficiently throughout the product life cycle.

•             Multidisciplinary collaboration

•             Integrated visualization and analytical tool

•             Extend computer-generated design to BIM workflows

4)            Civil-Better use of connected and intelligent workflow which improves productivity, profitability, and predictability

Different industries can be served by Autodesk software which plans, design and build different phases of projects like

•             Civil engineering

•             Structural engineering

•             Transport engineering

•             Civil Construction

5)            Construction-Helps in digitalization of construction site and a better way to gather project information through construction.

6)            Plant-Through BIM, intelligent piping, processes, and structures are designed and constructed more effectively and efficiently

Different industries can be served by Autodesk software which plans, design and build different phases of projects like

•             Food and beverages

•             Pharma

•             Oil, Petrochem and Gas

•             Waste and wastewater treatment