Interactive 3D Presentation

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Nowadays creating an establishment or product is not the final stage anymore. It has become even more important to have its interactive version to provide a more realistic rendering look about the products in the final step. At C- Design we create and deliver exceptional interactive 3D interactive presentations to give better details, explanation, share and sell- ideas, products, or projects in an effective manner to your stakeholders and clients. Earlier 3D visualization is seen through films but now through this technology your products or services and can be seen in real-time. At C-Design, our clients see real-world visuals through an interactive 3D presentation where your 3D model can be even be reused for marketing images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and online presentations, etc.3D interactive presentation can be useful in many ways:-

  • Landscape and Interior Design
  • Display of Luxury and real estate industry which gives clients quick desired option to select
  • Museums and Exhibition which gives user an opportunity to attend the event without personally visiting them
  • Displays of interior spaces and recreational areas of cafes and restaurant
  • Displays of spaces like recreational centers, cinema halls, hotels, cottages and hostel etc for attracting more customers