Posted on : Jul 10, 2020

Due to the ever-growing field of modern architecture, there are many challenges faced by organizations providing 3D CAD design services like prototype design which are different for each organization. Likewise, there are many such other challenges as mentioned below like:-

  1. Work environment-It becomes crucial for the organisation to boost its employees which helps in increasing their productivity. Not only it increases their morale and decreases attrition rates but also provides a high level of satisfaction. Thus it becomes essential for designers to understand work organisation and culture; thereby come up with suitable designs.
  2. Adequate Lightings-Lighting arrangement plays an important role in increasing customer’s productivity and satisfaction. However, over lighting may cause severe health issues like vision problems, headache, and body aches, etc. On the other hand, insufficient lighting may lead to unproductively and inefficiency. 
  3. Human Element-Human element is considered as an essential element for increasing the company’s productivity and efficiency. Nowadays companies are investing heavily in this asset element to make most out of it. Thus it becomes essential for 3D CAD service providers to provide a pleasant and responsive office environment to improve employee satisfaction and productivity level.
  4. Effective work culture- 3D CAD designers should ensure that office building should reflect organisation culture, philosophy, and ethos of that organisation. Thus it becomes essential for architects to think about the company’s philosophy and culture before conceptualising designs.
  5. Use of Latest Technology-In the field of advanced technology and fast communication, office architecture has become a global trend because clients are comparing their buildings with the latest trends. Therefore it becomes crucial for CAD Designers to create global offices as per the client’s requirements with the state of the art technology and the best around the world.

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