Mixed Reality: A combination of virtual and augmented reality

Posted on : Jul 09, 2019

virtual and augmented reality

Before the emergence of virtual and augmented reality, there was the old reality which was only related to everyday life and ordinarily meets with the three-dimensional objects. In the last few years, we saw a sudden rise in consumer markets with the growth of augmented and virtual reality world. And now we have a new concept named as a mixed reality which is a more powerful and hybrid form of both these technologies which are now integrated into one. That’s why the last few years had been remarkable growth in the virtual, augmented and mixed reality which is furthermore expected to grow by 170 billion USD in 2020.

Virtual reality is all about interacting with the digital environment in order to generate real-life simulations. Because of virtual reality, the environment becomes so real and thus it looks hard to differentiate between the real and virtual world. Thus virtual reality can define as computer generated and artificially simulated real-life situations where primarily vision and hearing gets simulated in a totally diverse world.

On the other hand, augmented reality is all about overlaying of virtual objects over real-world environments along with providing rich audiovisual experience.AR comprises of computerised methods and imitation like the text to speech recognition, animation, and handheld equipment. The term augments means something which enhances or adds value. Thus augmented reality adds a pinch of digital information to the real world environment such as videos and 3d models superimposing them in the real-time camera’s view of the user’s gadgets.

Nowadays latest technology which is termed as mixed reality is actual blend of augmented reality and virtual reality where users navigate in both these technologies instead of living in a virtual world.MR always looks more real and better digital features and offers complex features making the illusion more powerful and persistent.

The scope of MR can be described as follows:-

Different ways of working-Because of mixed reality, there comes a new scope of working wherein paramedics and medical professionals can easily treat chronic disease with simplicity. Also, medical professionals can give training and educate other such professionals where they perform hands-on experience in the virtual situation with controlled settings.

Training gets enhanced-MR has a major impact on training and education because it allows trainees to experience the virtual environment in such training sessions with the help of MR hardware. Even concepts or procedures are easy to understand or grasp like Truck engine can be easily disintegrated in the virtual world as compared to the real world.MR creates virtual conference room where they can easily see the candidate’s reactions and body language during interview sessions. Thus travel costs and wastage of time gets reduced to a larger extent.

Remote Guidance-Those professionals in the areas of sales or field work can easily work in remote places because these professionals can get help from their peers with the help of mixed reality.MR makes it possible to get instructions to solve virtual reality issues.

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