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Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Outsource Animation Works – Outsource Animation

India is now the mainly required-after aim for simulation services, with pursuit giants like IMAX , Walt Disney, and Sony ever extra outsourcing animation and particular property to India. India’s low-cost, high-quality services, joint with familiar workers fluent in English, and occurrence of hi-tech animation studios contain made it a fast-growing simulation center. If your business is looking for cutting-edge animation services at a low cost, India is your greatest bet.

Outsource Animation Works is one of India’s top animation studios, with proficiency in mixed types of simulated, from 2D animation, 3D animation, storyboards, medical animation and animates, to creation demos, viral videos, illustrations, logos, banners, portraits and cartoons. If you require animation for your website, form, application, movie, or demo, we can mean and create convincing animation that meets your exact condition.


At Outsource Animation Works, we focus in caring your needs, and getting the planned message out with wit and grace. Our animations mirror high making ethics with a accurate mix of art, sound and animation design, and detain the hearts and mind of your viewers directly. Our services include –

  1. 2D Animation
    Our expert animators make 2D characters or imagery by using computer adaptation of customary animation technique. Bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics are initial created and then animated. To carry out the best in 2D font or images, we use technique such as morphing, onion-skinning, twining and interpolated rot scoping. We have general practice in providing 2D animation services for show, e-Learning courses, creation demos, games, corporate presentation, website banners, animated logos and simulation
  2. 3D Animation
    Our expert animators start the 3D animation method by using polygons to create facts. Digital armatures are then used to fetch the facts to life. We can exhale life into 3D characters and imagery for your movie, game, product demos, website, television program or staging. Our animators are expert at different types of 3D animation, such as skinny animation, motion capture, crowd simulation, cel-shaded animation, and morph target animation
  3. Flash Animation
    Our animation squad is also expert at creating world-class flash animations, using Adobe Flash, Swish, etc. Flash animations normally operate on low bandwidth when compare to videos, and is then an ideal tool for interactive website animations and other like multimedia. Unlike most of the flash animations you power see on the web, our animations imitate a high production value, integrate vector-based drawing and other raster-based art for a clean, elegant graphic exterior
  4. Animates
    We present cost-effective animates services, where we exhibit a series of still imagery as an animated series, complete through time counters, sound effects, voiceovers, etc. Our services make sure you can recognize the beat and overall succession of your story, and build any last minute changes prior to the final production begin
  5. Animated Videos
    Animated videos are especially useful for business presentation where the reason is to capture, enthrall, and clarify the subject to the viewers. We have created animated videos for marketing professional, educators, large cosmopolitan business and startups, etc. to boost their brand, product, or check. With the initiation of Social Media, animated videos are now the ideal tool to reach your aim audience.
  6. Animated Storyboards
    Roughly like to Animatics, our Storyboards can assist you save thousands of dollars in making costs by serving you to form out the exact series for the film that wants to be shot. These storyboards are also especially helpful for your cameramen since they can imagine how you want the project to be shot. Be it photorealistic or loose-lined, we tender equally black and white as well as anecdotal color style to illustrate scene-by-scene storyboards. We can help you pre-visualize an activity picture, interactive video, electronic game, or motion graphics, between others
  7. Animated illustrations
    Animated illustrations, usually known as Animated GIFs, are lightweight in nature, and can help you put across your creative ideas or business advertisements on an assortment of social media platforms. Our designers tenderly work on create frame-by-frame illustrations on Adobe illustrator, and are then export as a file type of your own choose. Simply get your meaning across to your aim audience with our creatively energetic illustrations
  8. Scribe Animations
    Generally identified as whiteboard animations, engrave animations are ideal for training and growth courses, online video marketing and creating exponent videos. Generally capture and recorded by an illustrator while in the course of making his artwork, not only are inscribe animations highly flexible and effective, but also cost less and have an edited development time. Our whiteboard panel artists have worked with universal clients to create influential, high-quality, hand-drawn videos


At Outsource Animation Works, our patrons are assured of high-quality services, low ready costs, complete data security, and strict devotion to deadlines. Our skilled animators will work on your behalf to shift your marketing and brand operation into high gear.

Contact us to outsource 2D animation and 3D animation services to Outsource Creative Works, our team of animators resolve are happy to platform you our selection of work, and offer you a modified result.