Residential Theater Drawings

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

Those days have gone when people prefer to experience entertainment through the regular television set. Now the trend is shifting where visual experiences are made from bigger screens like Home theaters which adds more value to your place and increases the quality of life. It’s estimated that once you build residential home theater then you will bring 90% fall in commercial cinema visits that will impact your time factor, proves cost-effective and saves energy. At C- Design we believe that home theater technology provides our clients feeling of escape reality because of a suitable arrangement of the subwoofer, video system, and seating arrangement. With the professionally talented team of home theater experts like an interior designer, architects, and engineers we offer revolutionary theater technology to our clients who help them to create professional quality to their residential theater ambiance with perfect positioning of sound, rooms layout, and seating arrangement. Our CAD schematic drawings demonstrate different elements placement with 3D design so that our clients understand everything from scratch before we begin to build.