Posted on : May 29, 2019

Rotoscopy as the term describes physical animation services that allow humans to trace drawings frame by frame. Nowadays as per modern animation, such physical animation gets replaced by digital animation technologies to bring cutting-edge animation to the screen. If you are looking for exceptionally talented and trustworthy professionals Rotoscoping outsourcing company then look no further than C-Design, a reputed design, and animation firm. We help our clients to get a fresher look for their projects and simultaneously impact a greater number of people. Thus it’s considered a prime way for making impressive visual effects. As per our clients’ needs, we make variations in frame-wise sketches whether it’s in movies, corporate videos, TV shows, websites, better-quality alluring visuals, and swanky motion graphics are a must factor. At C-DESIGN, we offer Rotoscoping services for many renowned filmmakers and businesses which help in converting normal footage into the creative mix of reality and animation. We offer various stunning effects like morphing, onion skinning, or Rotoscoping to create a more interactive and engaging animation