Posted on : Jun 27, 2020

In the architectural rendering, photorealism is considered as the most essential features for making it realistically unbelievable and resembles real-life models. The salient feature of 3D rendering makes it possible to create tridimensional models through life like visualization which has the capability to wow your audiences. This helps your clients to feel real life visualization before they are built with the help of effective workflow and modern advanced tools. Below mentioned are essential tricks which help in creating photorealistic effects:

  1. Use of blurred background effects-In order to create perfect photorealism in your 3D renders it becomes essential to apply the effect of deepness within it. Such type of deepness blurs the surrounding background which looks similar to real-life photography. Also, deepness helps in improving rendering composition by leaps and bounds, saves time, and is considered as the best way to control 3D models during post-production.
  2. The value of showing natural effects-Professionals 3D rendering artist gives utmost by adding natural effects like cracks to create these render with a human touch. Thus it improves the overall impact of photorealism 
  3. Use the effect of bevel application-In order to get a better impact of photorealism in your 3D renders and designs, beveling helps in increasing natural effects to it just as you see in your physical world
  4. Use of Specular maps-One of the common practice used by 3D rendering artist is about specular maps that identify accurate parts of the 3D model which needs more glossiness/needs diffusion especially in metals or glazed ceramics. Irregularities like dents, scratches, or dings can easily be fetched out because of such an effective tool.
  5. Use of photo metric lighting-In the architectural visualisation, photo metric lighting plays an essential role in digitally recognising different effects like shapes, light fall off, luminescence, etc to get much better results.

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