Story Boards

Posted on : Mar 14, 2019

As story boards play a very important role that outlines the exact nature of animated film, advertisement or any production works. We at c-design produce storyboards with the help of creative and experienced talents who produce high-quality outputs throughout the production cycle. With a rich experience of working with global brands, we still passionately look forwards overturning your ideas into appealing visual stories. Our motto is customer satisfaction and with help of expert artists, we always give 100% focus on minute details, composition, expression or moods so that proper emotions can be traced out of any story boards. We offer a full range of storyboard services to match specific customer’s requirements like illustrated storyboards and more in-depth character creations for effective quality production. At C-Design we undertake all kinds of 2D concept art works including highly creative and spectacular animated storyboard sketches which can be used as draft versions of comics, cartoons, including the storyboard graphics .This outline the characters, actions, and dialogues in successive and as independent panels.

At C-Design
• Get any storyboards the way and style you want- whether it’s drawing frame-by-frame or creating cut-out characters and backgrounds.
• We are on time and on budget
• Services are of world-class calibre