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Posted on : Mar 27, 2019

Flash is a vector animation software, formerly designed to create animations for show on web pages. Vector graphics are perfect for the web because they are so lightweight.
Over the releases of new versions of Flash, Macromedia has made Flash more and more handy via programming, where they have it situated as a competitor to HTML to build interactive web sites and application such as an e-commerce store. Macromedia argue that Flash is the way to go in its place of HTML since of the following reasons:

· Flash movies load earlier and save on download time since Flash is vector based while HTML is not.
· Flash intelligently ‘caches’ it’s show so they don’t have to be reloaded.
· Flash gives the user (the person viewing/using the Flash movie) a more receptive ‘rich-client’ like skill.
All of these point are true, but they container be true for HTML pages as well (except for the vectors). I will address these points now:
Flash pages can be finished to load faster, but mainly of the time, the method they are intended in the real world, they do not. so as to is not a Flash problem, it is more an matter of the Flash developers departing nuts with believe and heavy Flash movies.

HTML caches page as well, once images are downloaded they are detained in your browser’s cache. The cached images are then used in its place of downloading them from the wine waiter again.
What make I have against Flash?

facing I start trashing Flash, I have to initial say that I think it is a huge tool, but not in all clothes and positively not in the all-encompassing way that Macromedia would propose. Here’s why:
Flash handle text very poorly. The web for the nearly all part is about text, we go to the web to convert about things, whether it be articles like this one, or what is in your shopping cart, or the latest baseball stats, it is all content.

Flash text rendering/displaying is greatly slower than HTML and clearly less clear. Macromedia know this and that’s why they comprise the ability to exhibit basic HTML in Flash and that’s why on their own site, they make important use of HTML.
Flash development typically takes much longer than the HTML comparable. This has been helped to a huge degree starting with the liberate of FLASH MX where they essential provided HTML form workings, but it is still slower to create a Flash site than an HTML site.

What I like concerning Flash development?

1. You can do several really nice work in Flash that would be tricky and sometimes impossible in HTML alone. Things like composite animations and playing video spring to mind.
2. nearly no browser issues: For the most part, Flash movies will work the identical if the user is on Netscape or IE, on Mac or PC. The browser issues (where people coming to your site have different browsers that can ‘break’ your pages) are rapidly becoming a thing of the history since most people (thank the web gods) are using IE. But even today, I immobile have to deal with public who may be with some old browser that can fracture all but the simplest of HTML code.

So when must you use Flash?

In my modest opinion, I would use Flash to make a presentation that is alike to a television saleable. This type of staging is something where the client sits back and enjoy the show as the Flash picture delivers the memo to the client with animation, sound, and maybe video. Please do not get this baffled with those everywhere ‘intro’ animations that still infection many Flash sites. somewhat I am talking about edifying movies that the user can decide to outlook to learn about incredible like a creation or a service.