Building Information Modeling (BIM) vs. Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) –As main elements of Architectural Services

Posted on : Sep 24, 2019

Our constant endeavor at outsource CAD services is to keep ourselves abreast with the innovation and technology changes happening in Architectural Design Services. As per the prevailing industry trends and our experience of working with leading Builders, Developers and Architects across globe we could make this statement that Building Information Modeling or BIM is the very center of Virtual Design +nd Construction (VDC).

In this section of write-up we would like to share our knowledge, gained from catering to leading builders and designers though our outsource CAD services of both BIM and VDC.

As per the most of our global clients, BIM primarily represents the physical and functional features of any project; it’s more of a tool with combination of shared resources. On the other hand Virtual Design and Construction is looked upon as the holistic management of the models or a process. At C-Design, many of our esteemed clients refer VDC as a holistic process of Technology interface rather than just a representation of a facility as a model. Also many of our leading clients use VDC to improve the overall process of construction.

As per industry trends there are some of the other Technology tools available like 360 Cameras, Drones and Laser Scanners; for example data points of an existing structure could be created using a laser scan which in turn could be called upon or inserted in BIM model. Under our outsource CAD and Architectural services some of our esteemed clients are using the laser scan technology for renovation of historic structures. Also builders and architects in our network find aerial shoots both static photographs and videos to be less accurate compared to laser scans. Although drones and cameras are the other input devices our esteemed clients use as a data collection tool.