In the contemporary landscape, the creation of an establishment or product doesn’t conclude the process; rather, it has become increasingly vital to have an interactive version that provides a more realistic rendering of the products in the final phase.

At C-Design, we specialize in creating and delivering exceptional interactive 3D presentations. These presentations offer enhanced details, explanations, and facilitate the sharing and selling of ideas, products, or projects effectively to stakeholders and clients. While 3D visualization was initially associated with films, the current technology allows for real-time interaction with your products or services.

Our clients at C-Design experience real-world visuals through interactive 3D presentations, where 3D models can be repurposed for marketing images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and online presentations.

The applications of 3D interactive presentations are diverse, including:

  • Landscape and Interior Design
  • Luxury and real estate industry displays for clients to quickly select desired options
  • Museums and Exhibitions, providing users the opportunity to attend events remotely
  • Displays of interior spaces and recreational areas in cafes and restaurants
  • Showcasing spaces like recreational centers, cinema halls, hotels, cottages, and hostels to attract more customers

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