BIM stands as a transformative asset for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry, ushering in more automated, comprehensive, and thriving methods for industrial growth. Functioning as an intelligent 3D tool, BIM aids professionals across various stages, from planning and design to infrastructure management in the AEC sector.

At C-Design, we leverage client inputs, ranging from CAD drawings, rough ideas, images in different formats, 2D files, PDF images, to hand-drawn sketches. This enables us to deliver competitive-rate outputs in the form of PDF files, 2D, or 3D Revit files. BIM software proves invaluable not only to design engineers but also to consultants, construction builders, and professionals in cost management and project management fields.

We take pride in offering comprehensive and sustainable BIM solutions, whether personalized or customized, spanning schematic designs to construction documents. Our expertise caters to diverse construction sectors, including retail, industrial, residential, health, and education. With over 15 years of outstanding experience and a skilled team of BIM engineers possessing full domain knowledge, we consistently deliver high-quality services on a global platform. We eagerly anticipate client inputs and inquiries, always ready to tailor our services to meet their specific requirements.

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