As a global leader in crafting stylish and exclusive furniture, we take pride in showcasing diverse craftsmanship that offers something unique to our customers. At C-Design, our comprehensive retail models and furniture designs span from the boardroom to the reception, terrace to garden, and beyond.

We provide an extensive range of furniture designs, adhering to stringent quality control measures to align with the latest market standards. Leveraging the latest design tools and advanced modern technologies, we effortlessly transform your furniture ideas into workable models ready for manufacturing. Our top-notch services include furniture configurators, 3D furniture visualization, 3D furniture models, furniture color-changing features, and photorealistic images incorporating the latest rendering technologies. We also offer set design services, including mini vignettes and planogram vignettes for furniture.

Our expert designers, utilizing cutting-edge technology such as 3Ds Max and AutoCAD, assist interior designers and architects in various capacities, including:

  1. Revit Modeling Services
  2. 3D Modeling for Revit Shelving
  3. 3D Rendering services for sofa sets, tables, cabinets, beds, computer workstations, and more
  4. 3D Modeling of decorative display shelves
  5. 3D furniture Modeling for all office, residential, and hospitality furniture designs

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