2D Art Services

At C-Design we offer exceptional 2D art services with a teamof dedicated and professional talents which able to meet ongoing demand of theclients. Our world-class 2D Art outsourcing team provides the design of Art assetsin different style and for the diverse genre. Our experts of 2D Art team generate2D design according to client’s requirement and expectation and, business needs.

  • Wall tattoos are also commonly termed as wall decals or stickers which help to convert your boring walls into custom-made and innovative wall graphics. Because of superio

  • Brochure designing is considered as the most cost-effective factor which creates a profound impression on their targeted audiences if designed professionally. At C-Design

  • Image vectorization means the process of converting images into Illustration or vector artwork. With a dedicated team of expert editors, we create, recreate, retrace, Ill

  • Medical illustration is a professional art field that requires advanced knowledge in both fields of visual communication and life sciences. Commencement of medicines beco

  • Pet illustrations are all about communicating a unique story in a universal language so that viewers feel a high level of engagement with your story. All illustrations al

  • Technical Illustration is all related to technical communication and helps in delivering information through visual aid. The main aim of a technical illustration is to

  • Design-Symbols are considered the most effective source of communication from where your business-related information passes effortlessly and efficiently. That’s why th

  • Pop art is a movement that started in the 1950s in the US and the United Kingdom which gave a challenge to fine art traditions. It’s a simple art that is based on brigh

  • Packaging design is all about the creation of the outer or inner part of a package with the help of text or graphics so that customers would buy it line or from the store

  • The floor plan as the name suggests is all related to the representation of 2D or 3Dscale drawings which reveal the room’s layout like the location of windows, doors, a

  • Matte painting is all related to illusionary world liked painted representation of the far location, set, or landscape which is absent at the film location. That’s why