3D Animation Tricks

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Animation means rapid display of sequence of images to create an illusion of movement either through picture or video programme. In other words its technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of models to create an illusion of movement .As technology is advancing and with the help of latest software and hardware, audiences are looking for more and more sophisticated performances .With the shrinking of budget and deadlines target, its became hard for animators to deliver quality and on time performances.

Animation follows beat and phases

Treat each phrase like a perfect shot .reduce your timeline to display only those shots which are of entry, mid and end level. Most commercially available computer animation systems are based on animating with key frames. At first, this seems like the same thing as key frames in traditional hand-drawn animation. In hand-drawn animation, you work on the basic poses of the scene first, drawing poses of the entire character so the timing and acting can be worked out with a minimum of drawings created. Once the poses are confirmed, then the in between drawings are created to complete the action. With computer animation, key frames are values at certain frames for the articulation controls of a model.

2d or 3d

Basic difference between computer animation and hand drawn animation is that its 2d or 3d.In computer animation you can reuse animated scene. Even through animation, as an animator you can take camera from different angle. Even general crowd, 3d reuse of animation is very easy and keep crowd alive also.

Weights and sizes

Computers gives an ability to create image look absolutely real .With help of rendering, tracing or texture mapping , any animator can make objects look like marble or rubber or whatever he wish to. The proper timing of a motion can also contribute greatly to the feeling of size and scale of an object or character. A giant has much more weight, more mass, more inertia than a normal man; therefore he moves more slowly

Animations thoughts

In thinking character, animation gives life to the character by connecting his actions with thinking process. Even emotions plays an important role .Character is judged through his personality .For e.g. if character is happy then timings of his movements will be quicker than those character who is unhappy where timings will be very slow.

Audience’s reaction: – Timings plays a major role in animations. It’s important to spend enough time for preparing the audience about: the anticipation of an action; the action itself; and the reaction to the action. If movement is fast then make sure the audience can follow what is happening. The action must not be so fast that the audience cannot read it and understand the meaning of it.