3D Product Design for Mechanical Products

Posted on : Dec 16, 2019

We have been associated with number of OEMs and other manufacturers involved in manufacturing of mechanical products since our inception in the year 2005; catering to their need for designing and digital prototyping under our outsource creative services and outsource 3d modeling services. 3D Visualization of a mechanical part either during individual operation or as the part of assembly / system is important to gauge success of manufacturing of the part / product before the actual product gets manufactured. This visualization or prototyping of the mechanical part is getting done through sophisticated digital techniques today. At C-DESIGN, our expert and experienced designers under outsource creative services ensures timely delivery of the most accurate 3D models before it actually goes in for manufacturing. This visualization of mechanical part before getting manufactured also ensures reduction of probable design errors, which saves both time and cost.

Some of the key features a 3D product design could provide as compared to physical product or a prototype could be listed as below:

  1. One of the key feature of 3D product design is not only showcasing the products in 3D virtual design space but, manufacturer could also insert / include product related information along for e.g. Product specifications and info-graphics within the 3D product design itself
  2. To make product visually appealing to the customers the manufacturer could add various product textures as well as backgrounds
  3. Appealing lighting and flare effects could be added to enhance curves and styling in the products, such effects are many a times used in either automobiles or accessories like watches, perfumes, shoes etc.
  4. Many a times customers wish to check details of the products before making a buying decision, for the same 3D product designs in many cases provide blow-up effects, 360 degree rotation, process of assembly and dis-assembly.
3D Product Modeling