Posted on : Aug 17, 2020

At C-DESIGN, we strive hard to transform our client’s dream into a solid structure of steel, concrete, or bricks. Nowadays creating any construction project may cost you in millions. Thus it becomes essential for Architectural CAD drafting and designing teams to live as per clients’ expectations as a minute mistakes may create a huge blunder in terms of money and time factor. Therefore it becomes unavoidable for designers to overlook any single aspect of the designing process. Among all such activities, a Site survey is considered as the most important process which works as an essential aspect of the entire process. Below mentioned are significant factors as described:-

A) Accuracy of Inputs occurs-For building any structure it’s essential to have correct inputs or else it will create a big disaster in terms of money and time factor. Therefore site survey is considered as an essential element that provides necessary details like access road and points, the topography of the site, availability of resources, and of the adjacent locations and structures. Also, another crucial aspect of wind and sun orientation can be easily found by personally visiting the actual site. Such type of inputs makes designs more interesting and effective to the natural surroundings

B) The initial point for design idea-Site survey is an essential part of Architectural Drafting and detailing work where the design conceptualisation process begins. Because of site survey, crucial inputs like sun and wind direction, ground slope or location of greenery etc can easily be determined before designing any buildings. Thus any major/minor errors can be minimised which might lead to future failure/awkwardness for the company.

C) Comparing with existing drawings-Many times clients provide old site maps/existing drawings to Architectural CAD and designing team which was either prepared by previous designers/authorities. But instead relying solely on these drawings may prove to be costly or faulty. Thus, in that case, a site survey is considered as best option for any renovation, remodelling or extension job while designing existing buildings or fresh sites. Even minute mistakes/major flaws may ruin the entire project or may lead to legal consequences due to faulty dimensions on the drawings.

Irrespective of your project size, our dedicated and professional team members deliver the result as per the client’s expectations and requirements. In today’s competitive world, client’s demands are inherently increasing and that’s why we also provide a customised best possible solution for them. At C-DESIGN, our dedicated team experts with technical proficiency believe in design innovation and collaborative teamwork productivity. We offer a complete range of architectural services right from initial pre-design planning till construction administration and thereby ensuring overall business requirements of clients get fulfilled within the stipulated time frame and as per budget allocation.