Architectural drawings as one of the strongest communication tool

Posted on : Jul 11, 2019

Architectural drawings

Interior designer shapes ideas and plans in their mind which they get transformed into reality and then gets easily communicated to others. It’s not sufficient for designers to generate only ideas but should execute and communicate them well otherwise it never moves beyond conception. Architectural drawings become a focal point for architectural designers and engineers as they consider them as primary means of sharing and developing ideas. Initially, architectural designers and architects do lots of sketch work drawings by freehand of the existing space and objects in the surrounding environment. Later on, such drawings and sketches are used further for the visualisation designs for new objects and space. In the making of intrinsic design, coordination between hands, eyes, and brain plays a major role. Architectural drawings are divided into three phases:

Idea generation-One of the important factor for any designer is to visualise their ideas and its related solution. That’s why designers use different types of drawings in order to generate and brings reality into existence by drawing creative ideas. Many times such drawings or designs are not shown to clients but instead, they help designers in getting better clarity or even to shape their ideas. Even if such drawings are not considered as an ultimate final solution but rather considered as best alternative ideas to explore.

Drawings as a presentation medium and design-Once idea have been developed by the designer for the visual communication then new drawings are needed to create as a presentation media. They reveal the scope of an idea in a more detailed manner and thus serve as an accurate construction guide. These drawings vary from pictorial rendering of an idea to rendered plan view of interiors of the building.

Drawing as a guide for construction process-Architectural drawings serve as the communication base for cabinets, interior space, furniture, and other objects. Through such drawings, detailed information related to the material used, object looks and constructed information can be traced out. Construction drawings are considered as a comprehensive, scaled and precise representation which brings spaces or objects into reality.

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