Architectural rendering –Certain focus areas and ways to deal with them

Posted on : May 08, 2020

In today’s AEC world, Architectural rendering is considered as a buzz word, which is gaining lots of prosperity due to its unlimited benefits. Because of this latest technology, designers can make photo realistic renders, gives the real-life type of construction designs and thereby helps developers in selling their ideas to clients and customers more effectively. Many times it becomes quite difficult to present realistic designs and sometimes designers face daily common yet tedious problems which are mentioned below:-

1) Over Futuristic Designs-Many a times designers create rendering which is full of wild imagination like building designs consisting of unnatural/unreal elements into it so as to amaze their clients. So it’s advisable to keep construction designs without extra detailing like striking background, over wraith like lighting so that architectural rendering would look real and natural and hence it won’t distract focus from the design of construction building

2) The use of HD textures-Texture s plays a major role in architectural rendering and architecture as well. Many times, we overlook the texture quality in a single part of the design but it impacts overall rendering image making it look like plastic. That’s why it’s advisable to apply HD textures so as to give real-life feeling to the entire rendering image.

3) Highly simple Designs-One of the most important role of architectural rendering is to communicate real life-based story through their effective renders. These stories are conveyed through real-life photography so as to impress their clients and give them an actual feel of reality. For E.G Presenting a simple empty room with just windows, walls, and doors won’t impress anyone. Instead, adding little rudiments like shelves, plants, basic furniture, office desk, etc will communicate human touch feelings of livable property to your investors, clients and customers.

4) Accurate angle- It becomes very much essential to understand camera angle in photography because it’s wrong positioning will lose the overall impact of photo renders. So if designers want to create an impressive impression in the mind of clients then they need to create designs either at birds-eyes or eye-level views. A birds-view will give your clients complete information about buildings, related salient features and how its surroundings will affect it. However eye-level view will give your clients total real-life feeling as if walking beside it and thus designs will look natural and full of realism. 

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