Best Video Shooting Tips

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019


Over zooming video can lead to video amateur or make it worse. So it’s advisable not to zoom in too much .Optical zoom won’t get you as close to your subject, you’ll appreciate the higher video quality when you review your recordings. You should camera or smart phone for video footage as they provide higher quality pictures. Lighting plays a major role in video shooting with the help of either day light or neon light or additional video .so light always keep proper lighting in it. Shaky footage cannot be fixed through editing. And for steady film, go for tripod or fixed handle.

No noise of wind

In order to have perfect sound and video make sure wind is not blowing nearby you as wind blowing distorts the audio .Also small room with furniture is considered as perfect for unwanted echo. In order to have best possible video, go for well detailed script for you and your editor. Proper detailed script will make easy for editor how to make and edit video work

Good video contains 5c as major components

Video footage:– either camera or smart phone can very well take footage provided its equipped with suitable working device, lightening and firmness. Also fly handles or tripod works for the perfect video shooting .Also stock footage made by professionals for trailers, advertisements are good source of video footage

Voice recording:-Nice voice moderating is very much essential .With the help of professional voice over ,good video shooting comes out instead of home recorded video recording.

Displayed text:– they are detailed description about what’s happening in the video. It is effective and is essential as a guide for editor and voice over artist.

Background music:– It add dynamic and energetic vibes to the video. E.G. YouTube is free source of copyright and every song in this library can be used for commercial videos and without the risk of being claimed for copyright violations.

Photos and pictures or Logo:-They can add more weight age to the video recording and make it more attractive to its viewers.