Posted on : Sep 20, 2019

BIM Technology is considered as an essential tool for generating plethora of social, economic and environmental benefits for all home builders and stakeholders and thus even they are accepting BIM as major device which amalgamates this fragmented industry. Through this latest technologically advanced tool, different elements of the building can be easily be visualised with more accuracies, productivity, and better integrations.

BIM is all about building models which create exchange, re usability or sharing of data for facilities management, design replication or construction development. One of the key features of BIM generated design is its rich and parametric representation of their project works through which virtual depiction of the actual building takes place. Because of BIM, AEC industrial professionals get meaningful insights and efficient tools to design, manage or construct buildings and construction. BIM enables making of intelligent 3d models which help in coordination, document management or simulation of the project life cycle. BIM models help in creating single minute details of the building, gives stakeholders better visualisation of infrastructure designs, better option to explore various designs or used as design credentials for the construction.

BIM model is mainly capacity of fetching important information right from design to maintenance during the life cycle of a construction project. Through BIM models important information like the generation of customised data sets and its related new information, multidimensional data can be easily formed. Following mentioned below are popular industries where BIM can be used to optimise your work process and that’s why BIM consent is growing globally in many countries like Finland, Brazil, United Kingdom, Singapore, South Korea, China, Denmark ,Vietnam :-

  • Construction-Digital representation of construction, design and facility management takes place which directly helps in exchanging the most crucial information in digital layout.
  • MEP- It helps in speeding up process delivery process and improves MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, AND PLUMBING design quality.
  • Architecture-Crucial design related decision and building performances can be easily and effectively framed out during the entire project life cycle.
  • Civil-Intelligent workflow can be created for effectiveness, efficiency, and expectedness  
  • Plant-Effective designing and construction of structures, piping or processes take place throughout project life cycle.
  • Structures-Because of efficient structural detailing and design software, flourishing process delivery and innovative business projects can also be generated.