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Posted on : Aug 24, 2022

CAD Outsourcing Services is a BIM advisor that impart BIM-based services crossways the world. Our centre field lies in Computer Aided services through the benefit of Building Information Modelling. Our services are unfurled up to the International variety of vision to Indian course also. Here at CAD Outsourcing Services, the line-up of engineers, architects, draftsman and expert are compliant, practiced and dedicated who distribute the complete BIM project within the selected time-limit at cheap cost. By outsourcing BIM services from us, contractor and site manager will able to increase control over the structure process and found coordinate workflows onsite.


We are the victorious involvement that provides brilliant quality of 3D BIM modelling services in structure, architectural and business commerce. Our BIM expert team up with builders, contractor and architect to achieve enhanced BIM project organization and right decision creation for costs, material and scheduling. Our main focus lies to get smallest waste and revise by working crosswise all discipline like architecture, structure and MEP. Our BIM outsourcing hopes to augment our work framework by regularly applying sound progress.


contained by the BIM Outsourcing Services, we got the wrap up of BIM Design Solution that includes services like Architectural BIM services, Structural BIM services, MEP BIM model, MEP coordination model, BIM drafting, BIM Engineering, Mechanical Revit Services, Point cloud to BIM services, 3D and 4D CAD Building models and 4D construction planning. Our BIM service package includes the newest and upgraded 3D modelling software, among clear high-quality drawings accompany by the error-free value control arrangement. Our services come at inexpensive prices without compromise with facts and correctness. The conclusion deadline for each given project is an certain deal with our helpful customers.