Posted on : Jul 01, 2021

In the AEC industry, BIM technology offers an opportunity to work collaboratively and comprehensively in a construction projects which majorly intends to save time and money factors. Many general contractors and architects have started adopting this technology in the BIM environment which is directly impacting at the subcontractor’s level.

As a mechanical subcontractor, you are more responsible for a particular portion of the overall HVAC/mechanical design. Also, it becomes essential to work with other subcontractors like plumbing subcontractors, fabricators, electrical subcontractors, etc to find all the systems are integrated, coordinated and compliant with the designs given.

BIM for Electrical subcontractors-In today’s time, the utilization of BIM technology at an electrical subcontractor level is expanding at a higher rate in recent years. BIM can be used for prefabrication, visualization, on-site installation and clash detection. While electrical contractors’ uses BIM technology which is directly based on project complexity, organizational structure, contractual obligation and pre-fabrication level.

BIM for mechanical Subcontractors-The major advantage of BIM technology for mechanical subcontractors is to improve overall fabrication level. The mechanical subcontractors use BIM technology to see improvement in labor cost, scheduled performances, reduce material waste and avoid the irrelevant purchase of extra pipes and fittings etc. This technology gives mechanical contractors accurate ideas on shop drawings, spatial coordination and also used for constructability evaluation.

BIM for Plumbing subcontractors-This field is helps plumbing contractors in the designing phase and resulting 3D models. The adoption of this technology helps in bringing more projects like estimating, on-site projects, fabrication, asset-management and take off etc so as to optimum optimization and overall organizational growth. At C-DESIGN, we provide effective BIM technology at the subcontractor’s level, general contractor level within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget. Kindly contact us and get your quote.