Posted on : Jul 27, 2020

In the past few years, the Hospitality industry has undergone changes, and that’s why hotel designing has become a challenging and exciting job for many firms/ corporate. Nowadays visitor’s outlook has been changed expecting different tastes, hospitality, and overall experience. Thus it becomes essential for CAD Design providers to delight their visitors with a different experience, new culture, different aura, and overall unique atmosphere. Therefore the latest technology of CAD Architectural services not only make guest more appealing and inviting by creating a different aura and special atmosphere.

As the face of the hospitality industry has changed drastically and therefore Architectural CAD providers bring out certain key points which are an innovative and classic way of the hotel designing:-

A) Encourage social gatherings-In these recent times, travelers don’t prefer to stay in the wilderness but instead, look for stays where they can easily mix with the people. Therefore Architectural CAD Designers should designs spaces which encourage social gatherings, a more lively and energetic atmosphere which brings real connectivity among people.

B) Gives local experience-Architectural CAD designers should enhance the local experience of the traveler instead of focusing on generating prototypes. Travelers cannot feel excitement unless they experience it and live there instead of simply staying in. For e.g. Rajasthani Hotel/Resort should have décor with bright colors and interiors which reflects aroma of Rajasthani Culture and tradition like spaces with gaudy patterns and colors made up of pink limestone.

C) Offer them real-life experience –It becomes essential for CAD designers to provide real or genuine treatment for their visitors, thereby making them feel local among local culture and people. Use of local materials, local colors, patterns or textures, etc will boast guest experiences and give them a sense of genuineness.

AT C-DESIGN, we always strive to follow basic designing principles so as to generate more engaging, welcoming, and appealing experiences for our client’s travelers. Kindly contact us for further details.