Posted on : May 28, 2021

This latest technology popularly known as Virtual reality is expanding beyond the gaming sector into our day-to-day life across all other sectors. There is a shift from 2D to 3D models because of the numerous demands of clients and customers with their rising expectations; VR technology plays a pivotal role in today’s market situation. Virtual reality helps in creating an engaging environment for clients where they can interact with various project features as per their requirements. Below mentioned are some of the disadvantages of this technology like:-

  1. A) Higher knowledge requirement-The latest technology requires a higher level of rendering in order to retain and attract more customers with their specific requirements. Lack of adequate level of knowledge like photorealistic images and 3D imaging may lead to losing clients.
  2. B) Costlier investment in hardware-In the field of Virtual reality, showcasing your clients and customers about properties is worth experience but investing in such rendering tools is not cheap; instead, it can be pricey.
  3. C) Hiring VR experts-In order to sustain and develop Virtual reality technology in the building projects, it becomes essential to hire and retain expert manpower having sound knowledge of VR technology.

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