Character Design And Its Importance

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Though in movies,cartoons and advertisement, character looks simple but it can be very tricky as many hours goes in their making and development whether it’s Mickey mouse or doraemon. The simplicity is considered to be the key element.

Decide the target audience

Thinking about target audience is most important part while deigning character design .If your target audience are children then use bright colours and shapes .Ask your clients about their requirements if they want to focus on particular idea or concept.Also think about theme. 3D designer should understand from their target audiences or understand immediately when they look at characters design. Allow that feeling to firewood the general makeup of your theme.

Decide about the character

Right from born till character gets old decide about backstory information about characters favourite foods,clothes,best friend, about their job or parents .So carry out research about different places, cultures and professions ,where will the character design be seen and in which medium it will carried out should be decided. This will have a direct impact on how to draw and design about your character.

Create your character unique

People connect to personalities. Just like the backstory, understanding character design personality as character design needs to be solid and exciting in a visual sense to get people’s attention.Also focus on line qualities and style while describing about character E.g cute charters generally have thick,round and soft line while erratic characters most of the time have sharp and scratchy lines.

Choose colours appropriately

A colour communicates character personality on its own.Experiment with colours by also choosing ones that normally seems different from general course. Make a tough guy really orange, or give a businessman violet hair. Stepping outside of the norm will not only help strengthen their look, but make them more unforgettable to your audience. Accessories can also be more accurate extensions of your character’s personality. The personality of character doesn’t have to be particularly friendly, but it does need to be fascinating (unless characters are purposely boring).

Showcase characters emotions

The main driving force behind any character design is their facial expression. Don’t be scared to do research and ignore all the rules and tips about preparation and creating the look of character design. Also decide about characters goals and dreams.Expressions showing a character’s range of emotions and showing its ups and downs will additionally flesh out your character.

Take feedback

Ask feedback from others as others comments will enhances your creation. Target who is the suitable or ideal audience for your work and get feedback precisely from them about it .Also create proper environment for your character as it should reflect what character is all about and its basic details.