Description of the 3D Printing process

Posted on : Jul 12, 2019

3D Printing process

3d printing is growing in the media for many years and also has been termed as additive manufacturing which describes how this technology works in creating objects. Additive means the successive summation of thin layers between 17 to 190 microns or more to create objects. This process of adding different layers create different complex shapes. Following are major steps which help in making 3d printing:-

Creating the 3d file of the object-Before you think about 3d printing, take time to think about designing  3d file of the object which you want to print. Such files are created using a 3d scanner or cad software. Now next process begins when you are ready with 3d file to get printed.

Actual printing process-In this 2nd phase, special materials which are considered as best suited for your objects should be finalized. Different materials like metals, resin, ceramic, glass, biomaterials, textiles, ceramics, etc help in finalizing for the precise design which one have in their mind

Finishing process:-This is finishing process which needs to be properly sanded, printed or lacquered before final printing work starts. It needs specific skills and materials for the final printing work

3d printing helps in reducing time and helps in releasing any constraints which are not possible in the old traditional method. Like its possible to make intricate geometric shapes and interlocking parts which require no assembly. Even single objects can be printed at a lower cost and faster speed in small quantities. Also, material cost generated due to the production process can be minimized.3D printing requires no tool or any specific tooling in order to create different objects and thus such flexibility generates an increase in the production flow and minimized industrial cost.3d printing requires no special production line, saves time, mechanize faster and innovate speedily.3d printing enables to manufacture only when desired or needed.

The 3d printing method is used in the past for nearly 40 years in many professional environments. It is divided into 2 parts home 3d printers and professional 3d printers. This printing technology differs significantly and that’s why the general public should be aware of it. For e.g.:- Professional 3d printers can print any materials with a higher level of accuracy and those with home 3d printers uses FDM Filament Deposition Method and produces exclusive objects in PLA or ABS plastics.

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