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Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Pop Art
Pop art started in the early 1990s in Great Britain and later in America 90’s which was an era of consumer boon, products were advertised and mass marketed. The first art movements happened as the reaction against abstract expressionism .such art focuses on famous culture and the mass media which reflects current values of society and culture.

Pop art is always influenced by 2d art but get forms up as 3d dimensional objects.These artist blurred fine art and commercial art and always gave value to common objects. The main characteristic of this art are bright colors, clear lines, Celebrity images or fictional images, flat imaginary influenced from comic books or newspapers. American pop art was majorly affected by technology and culture as its main themes while English artists were mostly interested in ideas behind the movement. People like Roy Lichtenstein proved that art can be formed from even ordinary objects. In today’s world pop art becomes so popular that its iconic styles can be seen in product packaging and advertising

Following are its main characteristic:

Use of colours in different combinations

In the times of pop art, we found there is the use of bold, bright and beautiful colours on an experimental basis. An even famous artist named Warhol used vibrant colours in their pop art with lots of eye-catching and attractive combinations. Such shades were also present in modern advertising and popular culture.

Add lots of satire and irony to it

To add humour in such art is a key essential feature of this pop art. One can recreate anything around him and poke fun at them. Look around the world and one can find endless developments and fashions to make fun of them in a humorous way. This art uses timeless styles in modern ways and makes subject matter from the on-going events around you with lots of irony and satire blended with it.

Use original context by removing the subject from it

One of the important features of the pop artist is removing of popular culture from their original context while using them in their work. They add their own commentary or humorous twisted jokes on those work or some social dialogues in their final work.

One of the famous artist named Robert Rauschenberg made many collages made up of famous culture references and mixture of various artefacts and people who were relevant at that time. Thereby created a single masterpiece by multiplying different mediums into it.

Make sound inspiration from daily life

The subject of the artwork must be inspired from day to day activities whether its TV shows, movie. Trends, products or even person.This is the key factor in the pop art movement. One of the main ideas which we understand from this art is to show that fine art can be easily created from ordinary things.

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