Posted on : Jun 04, 2021

In the field of the AEC industry, Construction documentation works as a crucial role because major building plans and drawings of projects depend on them. Construction drawings plays important role in the formation of construction documentation related to residential, industrial or commercial building. In order to prepare effective construction documentation, a well-designed documentation list becomes necessary which helps in claiming any legal settlement in a smooth manner. Any statement backed up by proper legal papers helps in settling claims more easily and immediately without any future queries or delays. Below mentioned factors explain about construction project documentation sample:-

  1. A) Construction order, purchase order contract-In order to have effective building design and plans, construction contracts should abide strictly by all rules and regulations as decided by the concerned authority.
  2. B) Accurate records of change order logs- Every construction project has its own requirements as needed by clients. Each project has its own order and necessary changes related to it whenever required. Thus it becomes important to avoid delays in responding to changes orders. Thus keeping and maintaining such records becomes important in the construction project.
  3. C) Bid documents-Bid documents consist of supplier bids, unit pricing, profit mark-ups, take off, etc.BID documents show the honesty and professionalism of an organization. Basically, it helps in clearing the additional cost of the projects throughout the contract cycle.

D)Project diaries-Each detailed information related to the delivery of important materials,3rd party on-site visit, essential conversation, weather reports and estimated conditions, hidden site contents etc must be maintained in the diary for effective construction documentation.

At C-DESIGN, we provide effective construction documentation as per clients’ requirements so that project completes within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget.