Posted on : Jul 13, 2020

In the field of Architectural world, it becomes a huge responsibility for the corporate to provide excellent architectural services for communities and individuals so as to provide them a rewarding life. The architectural design services team ensures that such facilities and buildings should not create any hazards to any section of the society like sick people, children, special needy people, or with any disabilities. It becomes the responsibility of designers and architects to create a convenient, safe, and accessible environment for all.

The emerging concept of Universal design focuses mainly on the accessible environment used by all people irrespective of disability/ability, size, or age. It all about creating accessible products, buildings, or services that are designed for all needy special to make it more suitable, secure, and risk-free.

The universal design of CAD architectural services consist of 3 essential components:-

A) Exterior building-This is considered as the first point of contact whenever it’s about entering any private/public buildings. It becomes the responsibility of architects to make accessible, safe, and convenient for all categories of people (sick, special needy, physical disability, or any frailties) For e.g. Entrance of the buildings should be provided with handrails and ramps with sloping effect. Also many a times glass door entrances create hazardous confusions for low vision people which should be avoided.

B) Interiors-CAD architectural design service providers must ensure that building interior is an essential component of an entire property because it may become hazardous for especially needy, sick, disable /elderly people. Designers should make arrangements like double handrails at all places, stairs with low risers so that visitors can easily climb without any trouble. Also for any visually impaired persons, elevators having Braille markings and sound system with low height panels makes it more comfortable and safe to climb.

c) Roads –Due to ever-growing population and urbanisation, it becomes a major challenge for architects and designers to design safe roads for all the citizens especially for the disable/needy people/Old people. Because of the concept of universal design that moves around providing a safe and convenient pedestrian path for citizens and risk-free facilities especially for needy people/disable at the busy junction.

At C-DESIGN, we always strive to provide functionally valuable and visually breathe taking buildings /facilities for our reputed clients and communities. Kindly contact us and we will reply to you at the earliest.