Exclusive Utilisation of 3D Visualisation Technology for Construction and Architectural Industries

Posted on : Jul 18, 2019

3D Visualisation

Because of 3D visualization technology, architectural projects have raised to a higher level of speed and quality. Technological progression, latest CGI tools, minimization of inaccuracy, comprehensive digital engineering and fast manufacturing of building essentials have played a crucial role in shaping architectural and construction industry at exceptional levels. This innovative technology speeds up designing related decisions and implementation of such architectural ideas during construction process.3D visualization is shaping up due to these latest technologies as mentioned below:

AR helps in the making of immersive presentation-Through augmented reality technology; clients can create a digital overlay on the real environment and in the same way virtual reality creates a complete replacement of the real world.AR helps in depicting your projects like never before so that client’s approval process gets simplified and at a speedy rate. Augmented reality facilitates in the making of the complete construction process in the live digital format where every future building stages from A to Z are explained through the immersive presentation. Therefore this technology brings heavy push in the architectural business world.

Construction process accelerates due to rapid prototyping – Rapid prototyping plays a crucial role in the construction industry by reducing manufacturing cost due to the quick making of prototypes and more innovations can be performed with better consistency and speed. Rapid prototyping helps 3D printing industry because it allows the 3D artist to create any type of models with higher efficiency and effectiveness. Through rapid prototyping, manufacturing and construction parts and equipment can be easily being mass produced and prototyped on a 3D printer.

VR animation helps for project insights- One of the powerful reason for utilizing 3D visualization is in the form of animated Virtual reality walkthrough due to its unique feature of exploring exterior and its nearby surroundings. That’s why it directly impacts viewers who get deeply immersed into such reality and make decisions about location selection for construction projects after analyzing it. This technology gives equal advantages to those architects staying abroad about location preference, easily conduct meetings or even can stay updated without the need to be physically present at that point.

Construction errors can be reduced by mixed reality –Due to 3D visualisation, mixed reality combining AR and VR realities helps in reducing misunderstanding between architects and contractors. Nowadays because of immersive and holographic MR app devices like windows MR headsets help in creating effects like architectural visual objects superimposed on the real world environment in AR field or affix the same to physical stuff in VR field. Because of the latest technological advancement, MR BIM applications help as a smooth working between architects and builders during the construction process. Like architects can easily upload CAD files, rendering or holographic plans to MR apps which works as guidelines for builders and even can patch up every step with CGI visuals. Thus builders can quickly avoid any major confusion and gets a clear indication about project execution which brings effectiveness in the overall workflow.

At C-Design, we offer best immersive and interactive 3D AR and VR services at the competitive prices and within stipulated budgets. The next finest thing that can happen to reality- is Virtual reality which creates a most astonishing sequence in the cinema world and offers different effects with a bunch of creative team members, high-end technology and latest tools. VR offers boundless possibilities for the business world and thus helps in creating audience engagement. Also, AR helps in creating global clientele where products and services can be viewed in 3D like broaches, advertisements, business cards, etc where AR application can display any type of information which leads to more customer engagement.

3D Visualisation Technology