How To Boost Up Your Space With The Latest Millwork Design Trends

Posted on : Mar 25, 2019

MillWork design
Millwork shows the process of woodwork which gets shaped in the mill. There are lots of different millwork detailing in architecture and interior of the building like door casings, wooden floor, molding, fireplace mantels etc. Nowadays millwork detailing is getting customised according to clients requirements like:-

Maximum utilisation of space-When we apply customised mill work detailing in our architectural design, then it helps in filling gaps or spaces which gets unused by the builders.

Reflects your personality-Adding a pinch of architectural millwork detailing in your available space, reflects your personality and resonates with who you are.

Resale value gets increased-One can attract more buyers if you keep your place well maintained and more pleasant.

Following are the latest Millwork detailing trends in 2019:–

1) The trend of three bold colors-Earlier there was a fashion of using 2 colors and constantly doors and windows colors. But now it’s not anymore as millwork detailing trends are moving towards 3 colors where homeowner are even experimenting with solid and earthy tones as well.

2) Wooden vanities –Wooden furniture is considered as upcoming style to add warmth and earthy appeal to your bathrooms. As nowadays wooden bathrooms are considered an ideal choice for millwork detailing industry. For e.g. famous choices are light wood with grain pattern and thus adds as a wonderful look for your bathroom fittings.

3) The trend of black color comeback-Nowadays black is back not only in kitchen designs but also there is a rise of other dramatic colors in other millwork spaces. For e.g.:- black cabinets, granite slabs or accent colors against whitewalls or counter tops. Even golden touch is back in 2019 millwork detailing trends like

4) The trend of mix and match fashion-These days designer are more inclined towards creating a fashion of mix and match like a combination of different colors and sticking pattern which adds more flair to your room. They are showing more risk in experimenting in layered textures as this helps in uplifting the overall ambience of the room.

5) Led Lighting-One of the biggest advantage of using led lighting is about its low power consumption and high durability. The Led lighting installation is considered an important part of architectural millwork detailing and thus clients prefer Led installation like surface mounting or by recess.

6) Benches in dining area-Nowadays there is a trend of combining kitchen into living spaces and that’s why to build in benches are considered as a perfect choice. Because of benches in the kitchen, there requires more space in sitting areas. Not only it becomes possible to dine together but also storage options can also be increased. After dinner, that place can be turned into a comfy place to a get-together, dinner parties or for a game zone.

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