Posted on : Mar 09, 2021

In the construction project, it is essential to create accurate design-build drawings so that it yields major advantages to the entire project site, team, and owner. In design-bid-build construction, the design team and owner work together to understand and develop programs, scope and project design. Below mentioned points help in choosing your perfect design-build drawing as a project contractor or owner:-

A) Understand project guidelines-In order to create the right contract, it is essential to have the right contract which should be fair, clear and balanced throughout the entire construction process. Generally it is believed that contractors are responsible for managing the construction process and overall design. Therefore it is crucial to have set guidelines for the smooth running of the construction process.

B) Advanced and appropriate tools-In order to have a successful design-build project, the entire project team, contract and set guidelines should be in place. It is essential to have correct digital tools like BIM collaboration software which helps in enhancing the overall design and construction process with better coordination and integration between the project team.

C) Choose the right firm-It is better to choose the right firm in order to have an effective and efficient design-build project. Even in procurement plans, it is essential to have a smooth, collaborative and integrated delivery process throughout every aspect of the project. Thus before choosing the right firm, the owner should consider the following points for a better design-build project:-

1) Proper evaluation and clear selection

2) Transparent and collaborative selection process

3) Selecting firms with technical expertise and price effectiveness

D) Train your members effectively- It is crucial to have design-build team members which should be trained and educated in the process. At C-DESIGN, we provide effective, collaborative and integration design-build projects as per our client’s requirements within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget.