Posted on : Dec 21, 2020

BIM technology plays important role in the building airport design, maintenance, and construction within the stipulated time frame and allocated budget. As compared to the traditional method, BIM technology helps in maintaining, designing, visualising airport operations, and enhancing passenger experiences. Thus clash detection, sequencing and scheduling, cost estimation, and 3D visualisation make BIM technology at par as compared to traditional methods. Below mentioned are some of the benefits of this latest technology:-

A) Passenger’s safety gets secured-In the airport, millions of passengers pass by and therefore its location/space needs higher security especially for X-rays machines for baggage check, fire exit or sprinklers, etc requires BIM technology. Basically, this technology also accounts for natural disasters or any natural calamity

B) Prefabricated elements create faster airport construction-Prefabrication components are considered as a crucial part of BIM technology. The major benefits of prefab components are-faster airport construction, smoother operational functionality, easy and safe to insert in 3D BIM models. Thus BIM models with prefab components help in creating accurate cost estimation and effective scheduling with optimised structural analysis.

We need input from the client’s side in form of CAD drawings, rough ideas, images in any formats, 2D files, PDF images, hand-drawn sketches so that output PDF files, 2D or 3D Revit files can be offered at competitive rates. At C-Design, BIM software proves to be valuable not only to designing engineers but also for consultants, construction builders, cost management and project management fields, etc.