Posted on : Oct 25, 2021

Due to advanced technology like CAD software, there came revolutionary changes in the construction industry but later on, BIM technology has taken another level. Nowadays even companies are adopting BIM technology as a new-age technology for a more comprehensive and holistic approach overview of the building structure. At C-DESIGN, we provide CAD drawings that help in conceptualizing design with more effective and efficient BIM and therefore it takes the industry to a next higher level.


In today’s world digitalization like 3D representation has proven to be more effective and time-efficient. And therefore it’s helpful in the satisfying upcoming renovation, producing complex structures, project expansion, and up-gradation, for higher optimization and better facilities management. Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of CAD to BIM conversion as mentioned below:-


  1. Gives holistic overview-In an organization, 3D models are created from multiple sources and thereby integrating them into high-quality construction documentation. Such information can be easily shared with minute details with all stakeholders like designers, engineers, developers, architects, and contractors. Thus it becomes convenient for all involved in the project to get easy access to the required information.
  2. Exploring various design phases and maintaining them-This latest technology of BIM software helps in designing accurately and maintaining documentation, construction phases and exploring all designing concepts. Our detailed BIM models help in creating accurate construction drawings and documentation along with material cost and project estimation.
  3. Quick clash detection-At C-DESIGN, we help in creating BIM models to detect any designing flaws/errors and quickly fix them. An intricate BIM models help in designing construction projects and allow you to view of juxtaposition and interconnections of various levels and elements.

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