Importance Of Marketing Automation

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

In today’s world, time is definitely more important than money .While framing an business design , make sure that investing a single minute is very much valuable .All business owners whether big or small makes it sure that there single minute is not getting wasted.And they never invest in anything that doesn’t works out with result.Single deadline means a lot to them.No business person can afford to spend any extra-long hour. So when it is so important to value time, it is very obvious for them to seek an option to achieve things that don’t directly need attention throughout the day.Marketing automation has revolutionised communication strategy by making it very easy and flexible for marketers in establishing their brands .It has benefited beyond the limits like which customers to be given more focus,optimising staff time, dispatching sent emails and many more.

But still marketers are unaware about sheer benefits provided by market automation .They are quite perplexed in implementing automation in their infrastructure.For developing good and effective business design,marketers need to have proper guidance and effective plan for marketing automation.Marketing tools and software which are available in market helps in analysing and executing marketing campaign, collection and storage of database and even for conversion.In developing proper business design, market automation plays major role .Two mainly used automation are

Email Automation:-

For a decent business design, implementing email automation like sending generic mail or sending hyper focused customised message or signing up for new subscription where due to email automation customers can receive thank you note within fraction of seconds becomes necessity.Even task like purchasing e-commerce website or hosting an email campaign where sharing effective contents towards target audiences is only possible because of latest automation.

Social Media:-

Sharing posts on different social sites like LinkedIn or Facebook or twitter cannot be possible throughout the day.So by automating your social platforms for e.g.hoot suite is great programme where you can link up all social media sites at one location only.For Growing up your business simply just log in, schedule your posts for the week.

Benefit to sales team

Sales team can easily get an idea about how many customers have visited web pages visited, number of times they have visited, the resource downloaded, landing pages submitted, emails opened and many more.All this relevant and authentic conversation, companies can avail only because of this latest automation.