Important Tips For Making Captivating Info Graphic Video

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Info graphic provides lots of information right from statistics to facts that gets appealing to targeted audiences. But info graphic videos are those parts of content which are provided to targeted audiences to pilot on their own.Through such videos, auditory and visual learning senses gets activated which creates most impact full impression on human mind.Below mentioned are most important ways to create info graphic videos:-

Create an attractive script:-Info graphic videos require appealing content so that audiences feel the journey and enjoy every bit of it. Instead of making them so heavy on statistics so that audiences might not get confused or lose that spark towards watching them.Before making contents related to info graphic videos, it’s always advisable to maintain proper balance between text,icons,voice over and the music so that final outcomes turns out polished and attractive.As there are always limited space in video generation, purpose of making them should be focused so that layout of video not only depicts theme of communication but also encourages the communication of it.Always apply proper layout for your info graphic videos so that more in-depth article can be read by selecting most appropriate info graphic template for your data.

Decide perfect style for your info graphic videos

Once script gets decided,next step is all about deciding about most relevant style that suits content, target audiences and also to company.For e.g.: – if there is some serious message to be conveyed then it should be in darker and bold colour info graphic style .Or if message is hilarious then style should represent that respective tone.Just like content,style also plays major role in transforming any idea or fact into next interesting step instead of confusing the audiences.


It should be consistent throughout so that all contents gets easily and effectively absorbed by the audiences.Generally its believed that too slow pace can harm audiences interest level or too fast can confuse them.Pace plays an important role and its quite vital for the people engagement.Many a times content with lots of text on screen, helps in matching pace with the voice over. That’s why thought generating ideas or messages requires a slower rhythm.

Voice over and music

Voice over helps in perfectly blending with the content or messages along with imaginary on the screen provides entertaining visuals. Voice over helps in giving a human feel or injects a personality into a video so that it looks more relatable. And music is another powerful tool which helps in engaging targeted audiences and also generally blend well with required pace,content, tone and brand which can turn statistics into interesting form.