Infographic Design And Its Importance

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Info graphic are now a days latest trend in online marketing and often considered as data visualisation where set of data are often displayed in unique way instead of simply reading.Info graphic and data representation helps in making complex data quite easier to understand and comprehend.Helps in generating graphical data and statistics look less complicated and saves time.But visualizations and info graphics can be used poorly, too. Putting in too much facts and figures or not putting enough information, using improper formats for the information provided are basic reason for failure in infographic. It has become one of the powerful tools for info graphics are becoming a powerful tool for broadcasting huge amounts of information to the crowds. Companies large and small are using infographics to build their brands, educate their target viewers and optimize their search engine ranking through link-building.First of all basic rule of infographic is determining data and transforming that information into visually stimulating.


Most of the time, you will want to focus your creative typographical energies on titles and headings. The title of the infographic is a flawless chance to use a fun and eye-catching font and to give it a treatment that fits the theme or topic. Just make sure the title isn’t so disturbing that it takes away from the reason we are looking at the info graphic in the first place. The truth of the matter is that some infographic topics are tedious, but the right title design can engage people enough to scroll through.

Organizing an infographic is in a way quite difficult to grab viewers’ attention towards it, you need to make it in such a way interesting that it engages viewers and make astimulating visual story about it.Before laying out design for your storyboard,set up story line at the start to determine what you want to show and how .Set aside some time for creating sketches and make sure it makes sense. This will also help to ensure that the color palette you will choose drives attention to the important points .Most infographic have vertical flow in which each section has heading that distinguishes it from last. Break up sections with borders, with backgrounds of different shapes or give the entire design a road or path theme.At the beginning of infographic,show a problem.Back it up with data and then end it with a conclusion. Give the most important information the most visual weight, so that viewers know what to take away. Importance of color palette is very much crucial in the world of infographic. The right palette can help organise an infographic, enlarges the brand, support the topic and more. The wrong palette can turn a great topic into monstrosity, damage the brand’s image and convey the incorrect message.