Logo Design Trends In 2017

Posted on : Mar 26, 2019

Logo designs as the name suggest means activity of making logo .Also it means a symbol created with a purpose of identification. A good logo can help the crowds associate and can give identification to the product or service. This is precisely why logos go through dynamic designing and redesigning stages to communicate the brand. A strong logo also serves as an easy way for your consumers to quickly think of their businesses. This reminds that logo design is an essential element when it comes to choosing your business over your competitors.

Hand written: Nowadays there is lot of trend about handwritten logos as they represent warmth, credibility and charisma which is very difficult to create through computer aided design(CAD). This is most common in food and drink industry in which business owners tries to be special from rest of competition.

Negative space: They help to define boundaries of positive space and bring balance to a composition. In creative world, cleaver artist tries to make positive spaces and shapes that smartly carve out negative spaces intentionally. They are consider as dual imaginary where positive and negative space completes viewers’ attention.

Vintage: Vintage logo designs are a recurrent favourite. And they invoke nostalgia and convey an air of quality from a bygone age. Through this they convey timeless essence of a previous era by using aesthetics that balance sophistication with simplicity.

Flat design :They are nowadays latest trends as they are even though consider as simplest in design , still catches eye of viewers as meaning of logo is within itself .Minimal design is both practical and purpose driven stating its customers about product details with absolute clarity. A flat logo concentrates on minimalist elements and typography excluding the shadows, complex gradients, feathered effects, bevels, 3D effects and shadows. Flat designs are all about minute details for basics, shapes and typography as they cannot be hidden behind shadows, glares or other extravagant effects.

Rising colors

Rising color is a delicate approach to the separation of layers or depth in a logo. A mark generally lives on a flat plane, so any inference of depth or dimension has to choose early on if it’s leaning towards realism or symbolism. Always make good use of vibrant and bright colors in your logo design. A strong color palette will show prospective customers what you stand for and what your product can give them. Strategic use of color will also imprint your company’s name in your customer’s mind. When you want to create a logo for your business, use the KISS principle (Keep it Simple Stupid). And don’t make it too complicated for customers to recall or remember it.

Moving parts

This is most common and effective trend nowadays for logo design It is variation in printed materials and web-based animated GIFs. Symbols are another effective option for logo design. Using a symbol helps to create a unique identity for your brand and can lead to instant customer recognition.